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If you would like to post something that I have written, feel free to, as long as credit is visible.

when i dream of you, i see the reflections of the celestial sky of
muted silver grays in your eyes. your flaws stand out like colored
birds in a dusty old cage. my heart bathes in an explosion of warm
pastel  hues as butterflies tickle me with their paper thin wings.
the image of your  beauty swallows me as this technicolor
dream flickers behind my eyelids”.

all she ever really wanted when she fell asleep at night was for someone to sing
along her cheekbones and let moonlit notes caress her thoughts and float
ghostly over her pale skin”.

i watch as the shadows dance across your face, highlighting every skin cell as you
sleep, showing only adornment as my mind airbrushes away your blemishes. the
hardness of your ocean eyes send waves of warmth. as i close my eyes the image of
your beauty plagues my mind. i feel at peace, an intoxicating tranquility”.

i want to explode into a million hues, as i paint my world with
an extraordinary shade. i want to burst in colors of the emerald sea,
sunset purples, and pearly whites. as gray mouths lift into bold yellow
smiles and bitter souls blossom into petals of pink and red and orange.
golden sand and a deep blue ocean clone the color of the sun till the moon 
overwhelms the night with purple radiance”.

im wide awake dreaming as your slide your whispers along my skin. the melody
of your luscious poetry send shivers down my vertebrae. i inhale every kiss that
escapes from your spellbound lips as they softly sink deep into my bones, and
once night falls and the patterns of your breath dance across my pillow, ill
wait for the shifting of your body and the geography of my own before my
mouth trace the migration of desire to your warmth. reality daunted me once,
but with you, the shadows of the universe disappear”.

"close your eyes and imagine me. remember the curve of my lips against yours.
remember how the spaces between our  fingers collide perfectly.
remember the days we spent lying underneath the sheets of sunrise to sunsets,
confessing our deepest secrets as we lay under the dark purple sky
consuming planets, moons, and stars. don’t let me fade away”.

the reticent space between us is more distant  than ever but in my dreamlike
musings and fantasies you are still here. you are real. the way your melodic
voice caress my eyes as you kiss me everywhere. your lips as soft as silk,
a desirous hypnotism in their exotic elegance. i swear you are stenciled
into my eyelids when i close my eyes. dreams consist of you fluttering
my mind with reminiscence, feeding into the ghost of whats left of us”.

"i am your magician. seducing your vulnerable mind and transporting your senses
to a surreal blend in which reality fades into fantasy and there are no boundaries.
i use metaphors and bright deliberate syllables to tease your mind with words that
make crimson drip down your skin. watch as i take your whole world and bend
your shadows. as i sound out my magic words, i pull your repulsive cold heart one
after another like colorful cloth coming from your mouth. my magic words flood
into you creating memories that never existed. i am my magic arrow straight to your
soul, sprinkling a little love spell through your body.
you belong to me. i am your magician”.

"i find myself falling into you all over again,
each time you seep into my pretty blue veins
while i watch the ruby red seep between
your callous bones”.

you flood my thoughts everyday. i wonder if you ever think of me.
i thought about capturing your thoughts into a test tube, and
carrying out experiments to discover how your mind really works;
but the fragments of your thoughts  flow too quickly for me to bottle;
your inner mind stays
shrouded in secrecy. i wish my heart was
made of a magnet,
attracting electrical connections with yours.
our thoughts
and hearts like a nucleus circled by destiny. the
flow of 
instant attraction. but we are two scientific elements,
not yet discovered”.

i can still see the shadows of your skeleton as it lives beneath my skin.
your ribcage pushes outwards while you try to amalgamate our hearts together.
your lies feed my heart with fabrication, illustrating in mind only the illusory”.

i cant think of you without my heart taking flight.
i love the way your laugh tickles my heart and the way you fill
my empty spaces with light. your eyes remind me of gentle cerulean
waves crashing softly onto the shore. our love is dipped in the
brightest moonlight and laced together in my memory. i swear the
spellbinding melody of pianos and violins sleep behind your eyelids
and flow in your veins; your kiss is swaddled in the most delicious wine
and the pain of mine passes. you’re a dream within a dream, and all heartbeats”.

let your pain evaporate and burn into the sun.
exhale the toxic fumes of self-doubt,
the suffocating claws of tears.
 breathe; let your problems fade
into the atmosphere”.

she gently floats along the sapphire sky. she’s pale as the
clouds that float beside her yet, her heart blaze  a storm
that paints her red in the evening atmosphere”.

remember the night when we were enveloped in the sky, wrapped
in every shining star?
remember laying under the heavens when
metaphors held on to the meteors that
dashed across our vision?
we smiled, like there was nothing better or sweeter in life
being in each others arms. that night, the galaxies in your eyes
me around and pulled me in.
we were infinite, we were infinite”.

you planted a idea in my head with the constricting swirl of your lies slowly
wrapping  it’s way around my heart.
you bury the seed of promise, love
and security as you fertilized my thoughts with a poison deceit, a virus
running through my  system that
broke me down with infidelities”.

you are my addiction, the dose i needed everyday. i jam the needle of promise
in quickly, forcing your liquid words to flow through me. i hold my breath
for an instant letting your sticky expressions wash over me. caught up in
the same waved webs of lies and unfulfilled promises, this chaos inside of me
was a familiar home, the logic has long since fled. your colorful words always
made the consequences evaporate. i am a prisoner of my own delusions”.

each thin fabric told an eclectic story, every intricate design was an accumulation
of her experiences. there were some holes strewn, some patches distorted. many
heaps of thread lacked hue of heartbreak and tears. yet, beyond the imperfections,
there were some patchwork content with complex patterns of love and happiness.
each stitch had reason and meaning upon which her collection of innumerable
memories, the remains of her past, have been woven together”.

perhaps the universe lies in every direction.
perhaps im waiting for it to wash away this
black and white vision of mine and illuminate
the  colorful spectrum seeping under my skin.
perhaps im only experiencing a fantasy,
merely forgetting the color i used to be.
perhaps i shall dive into the stars instead,
into my own imagination and
live off  my perennial dreams.

there comes a time when sometimes my self-esteem takes a dip under the sea and
goes far beyond my reach where i feel like i have lost all the good in me. eating
away my logistics and senses, i begin to lose myself - a moment where im trapped
in the emptiness of some kind of hole. a place in the universe that i only know
spinning in a violent orbit of darkness with the reminisce of the  past events
coursing through my brain waves and hover into unwanted places”.